I'm collecting all you alchemists, autodidacts, anomaly-type eccentrics. The outliers, oddballs, nonconformists.

Most importantly, the rare breed left with an inexorable sense of humor.

Perhaps you identify with the Parisian flâneur, the city-dwelling urban explorer, or "lover of life who makes the entire world his family".

Perhaps you're a quaintrelle, a woman fueled by passion, 'reflected in her unique style, enthusiastically pursued hobbies, charm, and pleasure in life's simple pleasures.'

Perhaps you have recently replaced something not serving you in your life with introspection and greater self-care. You're at the right place. (#ExtremeSelfCare is my thing)

Perhaps you're just curious about all the woo-woo shit. Welcome to my little clique. 

You see, I've always been a bit of an escape artist.

I'm drawn towards finding the loopholes, shortcuts, tricks, hacks, to optimize success. In whatever field. Quickly and effectively.

Hypnosis, mediation, yoga, nutrition, bio/beauty hacking, existentialism, non-duality, we're merging them all and more.

All my curated favorite tricks I use everyday that work like magic. As well as the wisdom I've gained on what to do and NOT do over the last 20 years.

All so you have more time to focus on nature, your loved ones and things that matter.

TSR is written as a reminder that you need no person, place, thing, or event be the glorious being you are. Your natural, inner light only needs to be fed. 

Let's shine.