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Arianna is proud to be one of Texas’ most sought-after, 5-star-rated expert hypnotists. She graduated with the highest honors from Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the first nationally-accredited College for Hypnotherapy training program in the country- winning the Director's Award for excellence. She's trained and traveled under the world's top hypnotists and helps mentor aspiring hypnotherapists worldwide.

Ari has over a decade of experience counseling business moguls and high-profile executives while reducing stress levels and maximizing productivity in various Fortune 500 companies. Her devoted client list ranges from housekeeper to Super Bowl halftime performer. What drives her, however, is the every day man or woman who is just ready to take an active role in their own life optimization. Amplifying the good, eliminating the bad, and using the power of hypnosis as the ultimate ‘biohacking’ tool.

Highly intuitive and compassion-driven, Ari is an autodidact and a lifelong student of the most effective and sustainable methods of relieving clients of unnecessary suffering. She believes in rapid, subconscious therapy instead of years of cognitive 'talk-therapy' sessions.

She enjoys writing for her blog, teaching yoga at various studios in Texas, and planning her bi-yearly transformational retreats.

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